Painting Exhibition
Stella Kapezanou

«Brit Pond»
Opening: 31 May 2018
Duration: 1- 30 June 2018

An imaginary world full of the symbols and stereotypes of an ephemeral and superficial affluence is presented with a pinch of irony and self-sarcasm by Stella Kapezanou in “Βrit Pond”, her first solo exhibition in Greece which opens at the Evripides Art Gallery on Thursday, 31 May 2018 at 20:00 and will run through the 30th of June 2018.
After several awards and distinctions and two successful solo shows in London, Stella Kapezanou presents her first solo exhibition to the Athenian public in an attempt to have her Art operating as the mirror of a collective memory which characterized the social reality for years, leaving its indelible marks on the present time.
The characters in the works of Stella Kapezanou seem to be looking for absolute happiness in carefree moments of leisure which, however, make up a setting full of weird coexistences, fake colours and temporal and spatial discrepancies.
Her painting represents a different reading of this consumerist lifestyle and the transient standards it promotes, while her works often exorcise in a mocking mood the contradictions and the absence of meaning.
In his introductory note to the bilingual catalogue of the show, art historian and curator Christoforos Marinos writes about the artist’s work:
«Reverie, irony as well as a subtle aura of melancholia characterise the figures in the paintings of Stella Kapezanou and hence her art itself. Parading through these paintings are people on holiday whose dream seems to be a life of eternal vacations, a constant state of
leisure. Pensioners, wannabe Don Juans, couples, beach towels, sunscreen and Hermès scarves become one with the foliage, the palm trees and the seagulls. Kapezanou’s holidaymakers are often seen behind or through vertical strips of colours which could well be prison bars, symbols of their confinement in a fake paradise that renders everything and everyone identical. Of course, such a work could not but contain recognisable motifs
or traces from contemporary artworks, like the flowers of Warhol and the dots of Hirst».

Talking about the art of Stella Kapezanou in an article published in Art Aesthetics magazine in March 2018, D. S. Graham notes: «Kapezanou’s vacationers are holidaying among images, which, like adverts,signify ‘dream escapes’ and sunny ‘getaways’ among the fronds,
parasols, and sea. Ultimately, the scenes are purposefully disjointed.
Kapezanou’s style rejects the ‘whole’ of the canvas for a succession of self-contained images and moments that vie with one another for our attention, our distraction. She doesn’t paint harmony. She paints restlessness, boredom».


Born in Athens, she studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts, having received an award and an honorary scholarship for her first place in the ASFA entrance examinations.
She continued with postgraduate studies at the Chelsea College of Arts in London on a scholarship by MOTOROIL HELLAS, and was also awarded the scholarship of FRANK BOWLING, OBE, RA and the Clyde & Co Emerging Star Award. In London she has had two solo exhibitions and has participated in numerous group shows.
“Brit Pond”, at the Evripides Art Gallery, is her first solo exhibition in Greece.

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by Stella Kapezanou

Stella Kapezanou was born in Athens. She studied painting in the Athens School of Fine Arts and won Honorary Scholarship by the Greek National Scholarships Foundation for being at first place in ASFA entrance. She continued her postgraduate studies in Chelsea College of Arts of London with a scholarship by Motoroil Hellas, where she won the Frank Bowling Scholarship. In London she has been awarded with the Clyde & Co Emerging Star Award, the Cass Art Prize 2018 and was a finalist for the Solo Show Award 2017, the Rise Art Prize 2018 and the ACS Studio Prize 2018. She works between Athens and London and her work has been showcased in Greece and abroad.